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Sandro Palla was born in Switzerland in Locarno. After completing high school (classical studies), he graduated in dentistry from the University of Zurich and specialized in Switzerland and the United States. He was later appointed Full Professor at the University of Zurich, where he lives and works by alternating frequent visits to Treviso, Italy. He is now Professor Emeritus of his University.

His photography, used initially as a mean for scientific documentation for professional purposes, is connected to the artistic sensitivity conveyed to him by his painter father through an inquiring gaze on "different" spaces and images of beauty. Curiosity towards human life allows him to grasp in depth, under the various skies, figures, faces and customs.

Sandro refined his photographic talent by attending courses and important workshops, also with Steve Mc Curry on a suggestive trip to Ethiopia.

He has exhibited in Italy and abroad receiving considerable interest.

At the end of the academic career, his photography changes, losing the documentary character to enter a dimension where the camera becomes the tool to capture shots that will then be broken down and reorganized into "chromatic suggestions". The compositions, through the overlap and intersection of different subjects and planes, sometimes blurred, create often evanescent chromatic counterpoints. Images, thus, go beyond the superficial perception of reality that is filtered and shattered into an infinite dynamic game of lines, lights and colors that rise to the value of a conceptual vision.

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